Frank Sinatra collectables: Sheet Music

If you’re looking for Frank Sinatra collectables, one of the most available items is vintage sheet music.  On ebay alone, there are currently twelve pages of Sinatra sheet music for sale, and there are many other sources on the Web as well.  Among the best known Sinatra titles, you can find copies of collectable sheet music for songs like Witchcraft, All The Way, Young At Heart, Strangers In The Night, My Way and New York, New York 

And then there are also many copies out there of lesser known songs like Paper Doll, Lily Belle, I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night, A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening and The Huckle-Buck.  All feature different photos of Frank Sinatra on the cover.

One sheet music displays two Sinatras, father and daughter, in a playful pose.  It’s  Frank and Nancy on the cover of the sheet music for their number one 60’s duet, Something Stupid

Today’s sheet music doesn’t have much color or artwork on the covers, unlike the vintage kind that had pictures of the artists and more elaborate designs, making them suitable for framing.  Of course, some of the vintage sheet music copies for sale are beat up or torn, and may have the name of a previous owner written on them, but they’re priced accordingly. 

For the higher budget, one site displays a copy of My Way autographed by FS that’s listed at a price of $1,777. 95.   Well, at least they offer free shipping. 

Witchcraft and Something Stupid from the collection of Monty Aidem, who performs a Frank Sinatra Impersonator Tribute show.

See a performance of Something Stupid at the YouTube Frank Sinatra Tribute.

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