Frank Sinatra and Politics


As it’s widely known, Civil Rights was an important issue for Frank Sinatra, who intervened when he saw that African American entertainers were prohibited from staying at the hotels where they performed.  Sinatra worked to bring about equality, using his influence to integrate Las Vegas casinos and other venues.

In his early years, his loyalty was to the Democratic party, as an admirer of FDR and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  And of course, his friendship with JFK is well known, along with Sinatra’s vigorous efforts to help get Kennedy elected in 1960, making campaign appearances and singing a parody of High Hopes, turned into a campaign song.

In later years, however, Frank aligned with Republican candidates like Ronald Reagan, even though he had made negative remarks about Reagan previously.  I too identified with the Democratic party as a young man, but unlike Mr. Sinatra, I intend to remain a Democrat.  And so it was especially satisfying to see Barack Obama elected president.  But in voting for Senator Obama, I didn’t just cast my vote for a political party.  I saw three parts to my vote.  For the platform, which will try to find real solutions for our problems without satisfying ideals of fairness, attempt serious diplomacy before resorting to warfare, and restore America’s depressed standing in the world. . . .It was a vote for the man, who is intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, and incredibly disciplined, and measured in temperament. . .and it was a vote for the campaign, which was brilliantly executed and consistently took the high road.  Maybe that’s why the positive feelings for President-elect Obama and the prospects for our future are not just on the upswing in the U.S. but globally as well.  As an extra bonus, I believe that Michelle Obama will become an exceptional first lady. 

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